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When You Need Psychological Health Services in Jacksonville, NC, We Can Help

Carolina Psychological Health Services (CPHS), located in Jacksonville, North Carolina, is a comprehensive multidisciplinary behavioral health program. Since our establishment in July 1988, we have provided a full range of psychological health care and specialty services to children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly.

We offer treatment and consultative services within a diverse range of psychological and behavioral modalities, including psychotherapy and medication management. We also provide comprehensive psychological assessments and psychodiagnostic evaluations with consultations to medical staff, pediatricians, and neurologists.

Our clinicians are trained to listen to and interact with clients in a way that promotes behavioral well-being and personal development. They aim to provide clients with opportunities to face their difficulties constructively and confidently, leading to the freedom to experience inner peace.

CPHS: Where Inner Peace Begins.

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